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Women of action – make your mark!

So many times we discuss women helping women, yet it is just about that, mere talk with no action.  What many of us forget is that as an individual you can change the course of things, including what inspires and motivates you, whose life you can change and how you make an impact on the world.  You may not be able to do it alone, but as a group you can make a difference.  Using this very philosophy after being an instructor for many track day companies over the years and being the go between for customers and the organization, it was time to fix what I felt was broken.  You get to see the good, bad and ugly of the rolling circus and after listening to customers and how they felt, I could understand their frustration and decided to venture off on my own.  Believing I could make a difference even though it honestly scared the living heck out of me, being fortunate enough to be in the position of my sponsorship and relationships built over those years, it was time to tackle this endeavor full force.  It has been a very quick education of how track days are run and how the passion for the sport I love is not a great business plan for financial gain.  However, I love this sport, I love every aspect, nook and cranny of it…the fact that it feeds my soul and makes me feel alive and I believe you must do what you are passionate about.

When I decided to start doing track days I was fortunate enough to speak with Doreen Walmsley, owner of Ducati Richmond, who has been an avid supporter and sponsor from the beginning.  She’s gone so far as to close her shop one of the days to come join our events.  She not only sponsors our events, but she brings her employees to join in the fun as well as customers and yes we are talking about them driving from Canada to participate.  It has been a great honor to have her on our team and attend our days.  This is a prime example of a woman owned business owner helping another and allowing growth and exposure together.   She has been paramount in our success and we are proud to have her on our team year after year.

When we asked Jason Pridmore to do event days with us (yes I’m aware he’s not a woman), the truth is I never imagined he’d agree to do anything with us.  He surprised me, not just that he believed in our mission, but he was so open minded and believed together we could make these events truly special.  When I say we are unlike any track day company, it is completely true.  CC TrackEvents/MotoVixens a woman owned track day company and the only one that I am aware of in the PNW and maybe even on the west coast.  We are also the only track company that does special events currently in the PNW (not just days called events, but events sponsors donate items for raffling off, is catered, is done on a special schedule, includes vendors, etc.  to make it truly special) and hires a guest coach who is so sought after he doesn’t have the time to do many of these events.  Jason Pridmore (only coaches our track events in the PNW) is currently the only coach on the west coast that has won multiple championships worldwide, coaches MotoAmerica racers and is the commentator for beIn Sports.  JP has been an instructor since his teens and the thousands of people he’s instructed will tell you that he is the best coach/instructor around.  To top it all off his ability to teach any level of rider is astonishing, probably why his Star Motorcycle School sells out all the time.  His list of credentials only requires a google search and you will find an extensive resume of his accomplishments (he would kill me if he knew I was writing this).  We are also the only track day company where our focus is on education and comfort level of the student above all and our low numbers offer the ability for our elite instructors to give you the most efficient use of track time and help you achieve your goals for the day.  Caroline Olsen (here’s our amazing woman) and Benny Solis , current MotoAmerica racers and JP43 training proteges, come up and help and we couldn’t have asked for two more charismatic and kind individuals to be a part of our events.  If you haven’t signed up spaces are going quickly and I know because Doreen booked quite a few for her crew already.

MotoVixens recently teamed up to sponsor Caroline Olsen (AKA Carro43 and Caroline Racing).  It is rare to meet a woman in this industry that is so composed, confident, personable, intelligent, kind, determined, driven, focused and professional and yet so young.  When she heard about JP doing events with us, she jumped on the phone to me to say she’s excited and wanted to come and help.  I’ve been fortunate to have these two women that I respect greatly and consider my friends, supporters for me as I am for them.  Needless to say when I heard of Caroline’s need for funding, when it became possible for me to help, I did it without hesitation.  To say racing is expensive is an understatement, the crew of people it takes for that machine to run smoothly is unbelievable and imagine being a racer having to try to fund this on your own, it’d be impossible.  We are one of many sponsors that help keep Caroline racing and allowing her to focus on riding.   We are incredibly proud to sponsor this young athlete and look forward to seeing her grow and succeed (bear in mind she is not in a special class, she is racing with the boys and always placing in or near the top 10), we know that Caroline will be an amazing up and coming racer.  If you ever wanted the opportunity to get on the track with her or Benny come out to our events and ride with these two amazing young riders and yes our lovable JP too!  Let’s support each other in our endeavors whatever they may be, together we can do great things and opportunities will naturally open up for all of us.  Let’s be women of action…not just words.

Let’s ride!  The season is upon us and after this lousy winter and spring, we deserve a bit of two wheeling fun in the sun.

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  1. Mary McGee says:

    So proud of all the women helping women continue with their passion to learn and race in this wonderful community of motorcycling .

  2. Well said Carol…. more support of each other…. less tearing down.

  3. Hi Carol,
    I feel a bit awkward as a man coming in with a comment but it is also well qualified as I have sponsored as many if not more women in racing and motorcycling the last 15 years as anyone. You name the rider and odds are at one time or another the companies I have run were interacting with them in a sponsorship role. We also launched Women’s Wednesday two years ago highlighting current and historical women influencers that have impacted the motorcycle industry. There have been women pioneers in riding for over a century now but you should be especially proud opening up one more vertical for women to pioneer with your riding school. All that you have produced and delivered is first class Carol and we are proud to work with you.

    • Carol Carpenter says:

      Tim, you shouldn’t feel strange about commenting whatsoever. This industry by and large is male dominated however there’s something to be said about it needing a woman’s touch (which we hope we provide). You’ve had plenty of interaction with the females that are within or entering into the industry and your insight is greatly appreciated. Our hope is at least to bring attention to the fact that we are also riders and want to be heard and recognized as well. While MotoVixens started out mainly for women riders we are not only here for them. We want to provide a safe learning environment for those who want to try it out and then return to keep improving. Thank you for your support and helping us achieve our mission and goals to help others.

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