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Track Days @ The Ridge Motorsports Park

2-Day | June 3rd and June 4th 2024

Track Days @ The Ridge Motorsports Park

2-Day | August 2nd and August 3rd 2024


@ The Ridge Motorsports Park

Track Info

  • Mon. June 3rd 2024

    The Ridge Motorsports Park - Shelton, WA
    MotoVixens/CC TrackEvents Track Day

  • Tues. June 4th 2024

    The Ridge Motorsports Park - Shelton, WA
    MotoVixens/CC TrackEvents Track Day

  • Saturday, August 3rd 2024

    The Ridge Motorsports Park - Shelton, WA
    MotoVixens/CC TrackEvents Track Day

  • Fri. August 2nd 2024

    The Ridge Motorsports Park - Shelton, WA
    MotoVixens/CC TrackEvents Track Day


Track Days for motorcycles are days where riders can come and safely learn how to become more competent and confident on their bikes. There are no speed limits, it's in a controlled environment and you can receive as much or as little help as you desire.

We offer instruction to help you get the most out of your day and understand how to navigate corners of every type. The key is repetition and muscle memory. The repetitive corners allow you continuous opportunities to master how to enter and exit each corner with confidence. As you gain confidence, you naturally will gain speed. These skills are crucial to helping you navigate situations on the street so you can enjoy your rides more!


CC TrackEvents/MotoVixens is a woman owned company committed to education for every rider. Safety is important to us which is why we limit riders in each group to give you the best riding experience you can have.

The day is broken up into 20 minute sessions with groups running on the top of the hour, the 20's and 40's continuing throughout the day depending on the level of which you are signed up for. There is an hour break for lunch at noon. The groups are limited to 30 riders per 20 minute session unlike our competitors. We offer overnight security, allowing access through the gate anytime without worries about getting there before the gate closes the night before.

Our sponsors are very generous and offer giveaways we raffle off at the end of the mandatory rider's meeting in the morning. Our staff consists of racers and individuals passionate about our sport and love to share their knowledge with others.


  • (7) 20 minute sessions
  • Overnight security and parking
  • Giveaways
  • Cafe is available during the day
  • Garages available (contact track)
  • Personal Instruction available (register here)


Harry Mason

“I was at your 7-29 track day. Really enjoyed it, besides it being a perfect day to ride, I got a lot of help from your staff. Matt took some time with me and walked me through how your program operates and let me know about some of your philosophies. I rode intermediate -fast and […]
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Erik Offner

“Friday July 28 was my first time riding the Ridge, and first time riding with MotoVixens. Both came HIGHLY recommended, and I wholeheartedly agree. A fantastic track and a great provider! It was an awesome day, well organized, smoothly run, had a great vibe, and with incredibly helpful and friendly staff and vendors.”
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An amazing experience!

Carol, I just wanted to say thank you! We left early because of the heat, but this was an amazing experience! I’ve had my motorcycle endorsement for a few years now, but I’ve only ridden a handful of times. I’m not a very confident rider, but this track day gave me tons of positive experience! […]
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Damon Jennings

Well I must commend you and the MotoVixens Team for putting on a stand up track day weekend event. You don’t know much about me Carol but I am 51 and was a club level road-racer from 1990 to 2006. I also did a bunch of WERA/FUSA Endurance races around the nation with Team Hawaii […]
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Chris Wilson

I just did my second track day ever with Moto Vixens. The organization, the welcoming attitude, and their instructor Steve-O has made me double down. I will be back in August because they all made it such a non-intimidating enjoyable experience. I appreciated the openness to dumb azz questions, the straight forwardness with safety concerns, […]
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Just did another MotoVixens/CC Track Events track day! Wow! What a great group to ride with. Carol, Troy, and the whole staff go above and beyond to make sure you have a fun and safe track day experience. I like that the groups are smaller so it is easier to hook up with one of […]
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Dave Wright

A little about me, I’ve been riding for most my life and currently road race. With that being said, I get the opportunity to ride with a lot of track day providers. My wife wanted to do a Motovixens track day and asked that I trailer her bike to The Ridge. Being the supportive husband […]
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Pat O’Connor

Without hesitation, I recommend that anyone who has the desire to improve their motorcycle riding skills spend some time with Carol. I have been an instructor for many years and had opportunity to work along side Carol many times. You will not find a more dedicated and qualified mentor to help you improve your riding […]
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Kathryne Acosta

I know without a shadow of a doubt that I would not be able to call myself a motorcycle rider today without the help and instruction of Carol Carpenter. I first got the bug to ride a motorcycle when I was 20 years old, but it would be until I was 30 that I finally […]
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Jonathan Lee

My name is Jonathan Lee, and I just wanted to briefly share my first experience and impressions of Carol (my instructor for the day). I signed up for the level 2 school, and was paired up with Carol Carpenter, who would mentor me throughout the day. This has been probably the best and most productive […]
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Anna S.

I wasn’t able to fill out the course evaluation form after today’s track day (5/18) and I wanted to thank Carol for her outstanding work as an instructor for Level 2. She was friendly, knowledgeable, caring and had an answer to every question. She gave helpful feedback both on mastered techniques and how to improve […]
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Karen Bojanowski

I am really grateful my son got to have Carol for his track instructor! She was an exceptionally good fit for teaching Brian. My son was a young and inexperienced rider, and it was all about the trust factor for me. I basically turned my child over to her, and had to trust that she […]
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Brian Bojanowski

Carol was my instructor during my first track day. It was the first time I was ever on a street bike, and it was raining. She was very approachable and informative. She kept me going at the right speed for my experience level, and she always asked me if I had any questions. Her confidence […]
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Matt Staples

My First time at The Ridge Motorsports Park, working with Carol Carpenter was a great experience. Under my personal physical conditions and trying to reengage in a sport that I truly love was a difficult task until I met Carol. Carol’s knowledge and patience proved to be the best thing about that day. She allowed […]
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Dave Marod

Information and education are the two things missing for people riding today especially women. Sure you can search for it but how do you know your getting the right info? With Carol’s insight and knowledge from having been there and done that you can save yourself years of trial and error by utilizing Moto Vixens. […]
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