Technology and Profiling

By Carol Carpenter | May 3, 2015

With new technology being introduced into automobiles, the increased use of smartphones and just the sheer inattentiveness of drivers or being distracted, it is more crucial than ever to be more aware when riding.  The AAA conducted a study of motor-vehicle safety systems and found that motorcycles were detected 26% […]

Blind spots and Death spots

By Carol Carpenter | April 21, 2015

The previous blog was about how our brain tricks us into believing a false truth, filling in the blanks because the other option seems unlikely, that is how motorcyclists end up entangled with vehicles all too often.  Knowing this helps us arm ourselves when we are riding and also to […]

Optical Invariant and Why Motorcyclists should be more aware

By Carol Carpenter | April 12, 2015

      As motorcyclists we ride with the thought process that we are invisible and that may not be far from the truth. There are a great deal of collisions due to a car suddenly turning left into the path of a motorcycle when the motorcyclist was clearly in […]


By Carol Carpenter | April 4, 2015

Not sure what to expect at Rickdiculous, I signed up due to the rave reviews from those who have attended in the past. Reasons were vague, but the resounding praises of their techniques were what intrigued me to join them and see what the buzz was all about. For those […]

Ready to Ride?

By Carol Carpenter | February 18, 2015

With the weather warming up and sunny days peeping in more frequently, I’ve seen an increase in riders on the road so I thought I would just mention a few things to remember.  We take our bikes for granted and sure hopping on the bike at the first peep of […]

Body Positioning

By Carol Carpenter | October 7, 2014

There is too much emphasis on looking the part than the real reason we teach body positioning.  I have seen it all too often, the frequent track enthusiast who tries to nail this technique, but refuses to take a class where we can work one on one with you to […]


By Carol Carpenter | September 23, 2014

Headed by Nancy Foote and Walt Fulton, StreetMasters is a street riding course located in Lancaster and taught on Horse Thief Mile at Willow Springs.  Unlike most track riding schools, it’s main focus is on street riding and the skills you require specifically for that type of riding.  Unlike track […]

Lines on the track

By Carol Carpenter | September 9, 2014

During the classroom portion of track schools, one of the lessons is about lines around the track.  We talk to countless people about them, track day riders who most of the time have never taken a class and I see a look that usually means they either have no idea or […]

It’s A Fine Line

By Carol Carpenter | September 3, 2014

On a recent track day our staff was told there would be a film crew filming footage for videos and we were on strict orders not to crash!  Of course that’s not on anyone’s agenda ever, but as we all know too well, s#**t happens.  Com’on we are at a […]

Registered TM

By Carol Carpenter | August 29, 2014

It has been a busy few weeks between track days, races, auditioning and finally getting my trademark registered officially!  Let me begin with saying that the idea of starting a company sounds great…working for yourself, setting your own schedule and doing what you are passionate about.  However, the challenges can […]