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June 12th 2017 – General Track Day

July 29th – 30th 2017 – Track Day w/Jason Pridmore

For those of you who haven’t joined us at our events and track days, come out and join us!

We are a unique track company that focuses on education and safety, by having an amazing crew of instructors with a tremendous passion and knowledge of their sport in helping riders accomplish their individual goals. Whether you are new to the track or are a frequent flyer, we want to make your experience one you’ll remember and ignite a hunger to come back and hone those skills for whatever purpose you choose. For us our greatest victory is seeing clients excited about their accomplishments throughout the day leaving tired and with a grin from ear to ear.

Here are some great reasons to attend:

  • It is a place to learn very efficiently in a short amount of time, skills that would require months if not years to apply to your riding style.
  • We limit each session to 30 riders per group (other organizations typically allow 40+ riders per group).
  • Less riders means more real estate on the track to maneuver and allows the rider to practice skills at their pace, which in turn makes it safer.

“But isn’t the track only for racers?”

Absolutely not!

While we can’t make you a racer overnight, we can help you gain the tools necessary to help you get to your next level of riding while giving you the confidence to execute those actions. Our goal is to make riders more confident with the least amount of distractions and more actual riding time. When the track is packed it allows at best “parade laps” and people don’t always behave very well when frustrated by traffic, which usually results in bad decisions that impact everyone. Our days are designed to provide the most comfortable safest environment to allow you to optimally practice things you would like to work on and give you the resources to help you become better safer riders on the streets. Our instructors are there to help, you just need to ask and they will take you out and assess what things would help you the most and work with you throughout the day. Our classrooms are also a great place to get information and grab a coach to help you. Should you have an issue with another rider or see something unsafe, notify track control or a marshal who will make sure to rectify those issues immediately.

We offer track days and event days. On our event days things run a little differently.

  • We have a special schedule split up in three groups (30 riders per group).
  • Two of the groups are track only (without instruction) like our regular track day.
  • One group is classroom sessions with Jason Pridmore of Star Motorcycle School and JP 43 training (includes on track riding).

If you’re not familliar with Jason, here’s a little info…  

Jason, who we lovingly call “JP” has been around motorcycles most of his life. His father, Reggie Pridmore, former English professional motorcycle road racing national champion winning the inaugural AMA Superbike Championship in 1976, 1977 and 1978. Could you imagine growing up being exposed to the best racers in the world as a child? JP was destined for greatness and he had the added gift of being talented with racing career highlights including:

  • 2012 FIM World Endurance Champion.
  • US Based AMA Pro 750 Supersport Champion in 1997.
  • Formula Extreme Champion in 2002 to name a few.

JP provides riding and racing tips as well as a keen insight to students registered for his Pridmore’s STAR Motorcycle School, but also provides this service to many past and current AMA pro racers. On top of this JP has done commentary and race interviews for Speed TV, motorcycle testing and analysis for various motorcycle magazines and currently is the commentator for BeIN Sports and MotoAmerica. The wealth of knowledge he has benefits everyone who has had the opportunity to attend his classes. Understanding the immense benefit this would have to riders we wanted to bring JP to the Pacific NW (as he currently mostly has his schools down in CA). JP brings his amazing crew of riders with him (Caroline Olsen and Benny Solis) to help students/clients on the track and combined with several of our own riders who can boast being plate holders either here or in Canada there has never been so much talent concentrated on one track at one time with only one goal to help you.

MotoVixens/CC Track Events wants to bring you the best coach nationwide if not globally to our local track at a fraction of the cost of what it would take to attend at their track so you could benefit from their experience to make you confident lifetime riders and JP fills that to a “T”. JP’s schedule only allows us a few days a year to put on these special events so we urge you to take advantage of this opportunity as spaces to this classroom schedule is limited.

Looking forward to seeing you out there and seeing you leave grinning ear to ear!


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  1. Bruce Aylen says:

    What is the minimum age a rider can be to take part in one of your track days.

    • Carol Carpenter says:

      Hi Bruce, we don’t have a minimum age but the vast majority of riders we’ve had are within early 20’s to 70’s. Hope that answers your question.

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