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Jonathan Lee

My name is Jonathan Lee, and I just wanted to briefly share my first experience and impressions with OPRT and Carol (my instructor for the day). I signed up for the level 2 school, and was paired up with Carol Carpenter, who would mentor me throughout the day. This has been probably the best and most productive track day I’ve ever had.

I’m a relative newcomer when it comes to riding on the track, but I feel like I’ve been able to catch on fairly well. But when Carol started guiding and instructing me, I quickly realized that I needed to work on a few things that would help me ride safely as well as allow me to have the margins/capacity to ride faster. I’ve never met a coach that was so enthusiastic and absolutely genuine when it came to helping other riders develop their skills! Carol broke her criticism down in a way that was easy to understand. She even brought along Troy to further help me with my body positioning, which was quite the eye-opener.

Troy and Carol recorded my actual riding on the track, and ended up working as a team to further evaluate my habits & also the areas I was doing well in. These two are quite the deadly combination when it comes to rider coaching & mentoring. Carol was quick to email me her critiques which outlined specifically the areas that I need to work on to get to the next level in my riding. She also made herself very accessible and told me not to hesitate to contact her if I ever have any questions. Once again, I have never met a coach that was this dedicated to helping riders hone their craft.

My first experience with OPRT has been quite incredible thanks to the help of Carol & Troy. Their passion for the sport and its riders is
unparalleled. I’ve learned more in this one day than I’ve ever learned in all the track days combined earlier this year. I will, without a
doubt, be coming back for future OPRT events. Thank you Carol, Troy,and the OPRT crew for making my OPRT track day a one to remember.


Anna S.

I wasn’t able to fill out the course evaluation form after today’s track day (5/18) and I wanted to thank Carol  for her outstanding work as an instructor for Level 2. She was friendly, knowledgeable, caring and had an answer to every question. She gave helpful feedback both on mastered techniques and how to improve more. She is a great representation of OPRT and I look forward to participating in more Track Days.

Troy Cook

If you want to become a better, safer, faster rider come out and visit Carol at one of her many track days. She is a wealth of knowledge, always ready to pass along her experience, with an excitement for motorcycling that is contagious.  Her calm disposition allows her students to feel comfortable with no pressure while increasing their skills and knowledge with every lap. With Carol and MotoVixens what you see is what you get, some one that loves her sport, sharing her knowledge and watching her students’ progress, but mostly making us all safer riders and enjoying every moment of life.

Karen Bojanowski

I am really grateful my son got to have Carol for his track instructor! She was an exceptionally good fit for teaching Brian. My son was a young and inexperienced rider, and it was all about the trust factor for me. I basically turned my child over to her, and had to trust that she knew what she was doing. She was amazing. She was able to gauge how fast a new rider could go, and she kept him safe.

She taught him so many practical skills, but more importantly she was able to teach him how to be responsible and have fun at the same time. His first track day could have been a disaster because it was pouring down rain, and her calm and confident teaching style some how made everything go perfectly. He LOVED every minute of the day, and he can’t wait to do it again.

Brian Bojanowski

Carol was my instructor during my first track day. It was the first time I was ever on a street bike, and it was raining. She was very approachable and informative. She kept me going at the right speed for my experience level, and she always asked me if I had any questions. Her confidence and consistency on the track helped reassure me throughout the day.

She taught me the correct way around a race track and overall how to ride safely and to have fun. She was constantly looking over her shoulder to critique my riding and always had something to say to help my riding. She was patient and fun to ride with.