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Harry Mason

“I was at your 7-29 track day. Really enjoyed it, besides it being a perfect day to ride, I got a lot of help from your staff. Matt took some time with me and walked me through how your program operates and let me know about some of your philosophies. I rode intermediate -fast and while I wasn’t the slowest, was passed with care. Some were close but clearly they knew what they were doing and I had a lot of open track in which I was able to practice and watch myself improve. No drama to the day, lots of help and a congenial atmosphere of mutual learning. So

thanks, I’ll be back, really like your organization.”

Erik Offner

“Friday July 28 was my first time riding the Ridge, and first time riding with MotoVixens. Both came HIGHLY recommended, and I wholeheartedly agree. A fantastic track and a great provider! It was an awesome day, well organized, smoothly run, had a great vibe, and with
incredibly helpful and friendly staff and vendors.”

An amazing experience!


I just wanted to say thank you! We left early because of the heat, but this was an amazing experience!

I’ve had my motorcycle endorsement for a few years now, but I’ve only ridden a handful of times. I’m not a very confident rider, but this track day gave me tons of positive experience! I could already tell I was riding more confidently on the way home versus when I left home. Please send my regards to Marshal Jenny, it was wonderful to be shown around the track in a slow and controlled pace!

When I returned from my last session, my friends informed me that there was always a marshal behind me to keep the other riders away. I’m sorry if my inexperience got in the way of the other riders, but thank you so much for looking out for me! I felt that this was a welcome and safe environment, and I hope to ride with you all again!

Best regards,

Damon Jennings

Well I must commend you and the MotoVixens Team for putting on a stand up track day weekend event. You don’t know much about me Carol but I am 51 and was a club level road-racer from 1990 to 2006. I also did a bunch of WERA/FUSA Endurance races around the nation with Team Hawaii Endurance in the early/mid 90’s. I retired from racing but stayed involved in the community via track days and such. I was in the Army stationed in Hawaii from 89-92 and became a Motorcycle Safety Instructor as well as resident fast guy road-racer. Lol.

Not to babble on and on but my point is that I have seen a lot of different organizations put together events and they all have a little different vibe about them. The vibe that I received as a welcome back to the track after 13 years of being away was so amazing and calm, cool and collected. Everyone was so nice and helpful and the amount of Marshal’s riding around and offering great line advice and such was really great. I will say that this was my funnest track day experience EVER!!!

The MotoVixens Team, The Ridge as a facility with showers and store and everything it offers and of course the track… What can I say about the track. Absolutely amazing course with grip for days. My new favorite track.

Chris Wilson

I just did my second track day ever with Moto Vixens. The organization, the welcoming attitude, and their instructor Steve-O has made me double down. I will be back in August because they all made it such a non-intimidating enjoyable experience. I appreciated the openness to dumb azz questions, the straight forwardness with safety concerns, and the overall approach of making the day work!