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Chris Wilson

I just did my second track day ever with Moto Vixens. The organization, the welcoming attitude, and their instructor Steve-O has made me double down. I will be back in August because they all made it such a non-intimidating enjoyable experience. I appreciated the openness to dumb azz questions, the straight forwardness with safety concerns, and the overall approach of making the day work!


Just did another MotoVixens/CC Track Events track day! Wow! What a great group to ride with. Carol, Troy, and the whole staff go above and beyond to make sure you have a fun and safe track day experience. I like that the groups are smaller so it is easier to hook up with one of the great instructors for some one on one track time. The smaller groups also allow more room on the track to work on your riding skills.

I also like the on-site vendors/sponsors, who have great products and provide valuable information. They also provide killer prizes for the raffle (2x winner)!

Overall, the best track day experience I’ve had. Thanks again Moto Vixens!

Dave Wright

A little about me, I’ve been riding for most my life and currently road race. With that being said, I get the opportunity to ride with a lot of track day providers.

My wife wanted to do a Motovixens track day and asked that I trailer her bike to The Ridge. Being the supportive husband I am, I agreed. I was surprised to see all the guys at the riders meeting. I “assumed” it was a women’s only thing. I couldn’t have been more wrong. While they had great instructors for beginners like my wife, they also had racers there like myself.

The day started off like any other track day. Talking about rules and flags is a common theme. But what I noticed was the relaxed feel everyone had and how friendly everyone was. The entire day had a more relaxed vibe. Throughout the course of the day I was impressed at how well the instructors worked with my wife and the staff checked on her. It was very relaxing and my wife learned a lot and had a great time.

Fast forward to the next time my wife wanted to do a track day with Motovixens. This time I brought one of my race bikes and had the pleasure of running some fast lap times with a couple of the fastest riders in the NW. “not me” As a racer, I enjoy riding with faster guys. It gives me the opportunity to see better lines, tip in points and brake markers. I could run as fast as I wanted and focus on my skills. When I had questions, Oliver was gracious enough to help me. I race with Oliver Jervis at Omrra and anyone that races there will attest that he’s a lap record pace rider. One of the best in the NW and an extremely humble guy to work with.

Having attended several track days with Motovixens now, I can honestly say that they provide a quality track day without any pressure. They’re about having fun, riding safe and learning to ride better. Carol is a very gracious host and makes sure to get around the pits and welcome everyone. It’s truly an enjoyable event that is not for “women” only. All levels of riders are there. From the new never been on track riders to lap record riders and everything in between. The thing that everyone has in common is that we’re all having fun and enjoying our day. There are also a lot of people there that are willing to help. From riding to working on bikes, there is someone there with Motovixens to help.

Finally, one thing I would like to point out that I appreciated. Motovixens doesn’t pack their riders in. Speaking for myself, it’s very frustrating when I’m trying to work on my lines at a fast pace to be grouped with a full track of people not at the same speed. MotoVixens does a great job of managing how many riders are on track at once. That keeps the track relatively clear and people can ride whatever pace they’re comfortable with.

In closing, I would highly recommend Motovixens for ALL levels of riders.

Pat O’Connor

Without hesitation, I recommend that anyone who has the desire to improve their motorcycle riding skills spend some time with Carol. I have been an instructor for many years and had opportunity to work along side Carol many times. You will not find a more dedicated and qualified mentor to help you improve your riding skill set. Carol will make you safer while showing you how to be faster at the same time, if that is your goal. Carol is someone I refer to as an “Instructor’s instructor”. She is completely dedicated to this sport and dedicated to sharing the knowledge she has gained over the many years of riding and racing and being schooled herself by some of the best in the business. You will learn more about how to improve your riding, increase your safety and flat out enjoy the whole experience by spending quality time with Carol. Personally, when I’m at the track and I see Carol, I smile …. because, I know somebody is going to have a great experience, learn a lot, be safer and be smiling themselves from ear to ear at the end of the day. Sounds like a winning combination to me.

Kathryne Acosta

I know without a shadow of a doubt that I would not be able to call myself a motorcycle rider today without the help and instruction of Carol Carpenter.

I first got the bug to ride a motorcycle when I was 20 years old, but it would be until I was 30 that I finally had the opportunity to try.  I first signed up at my local motorcycle school thinking I would be able to just get my endorsement on the same day.  I had been a passenger on a motorcycle for so many years it seemed to be a given.  But the morning of the class, I found myself in the awkward position of being excused because I “didn’t appear to be learning as quickly as the others.”  I was confused but accepted the findings because I thought the instructors knew better.  I borrowed a friend’s Rebel 250 and started to practice on my own.  I took the Pre- BRC class and was told by that instructor that I appeared competent and could progress.  I retook the BRC class 2 months later at the same school and progressed through the whole day.  At the end, however, the instructors told me that they didn’t think I was progressing fast enough again.  I asked them to explain to me what they were seeing, by the instructor didn’t have time and just let me stand on the side and watch until they could dismiss me again.  I was devastated and completely discouraged.  But that’s when I found Carol.

I sent her a LONG message explaining my desperation.  By the end of the day, she had called me on the phone and let me explain my whole struggle. She was so encouraging and understanding and believed that she could help me.  She arranged to meet me on my terms with my bike and walked me through how the process would work.  The first time we met, she brought a headset for me to use with my helmet and had someone else inspect my bike before we took it out.  She let me show her where my skillset was and even talked me through the ride to help me stay calm.  She gave great pointers on what I was doing well and what I really needed to work on.  Carol was even able to help introduce me to mechanics who specialized in my bike and gave great feedback on equipment and maintenance.

Carol was able to really hone in on what I needed to do to feel confident during my endorsement exam and helped properly introduce me to the world of riding.  She had reading material for every topic I had questions on.  Through her patience and her teaching skills, I was finally able to get my endorsement!  I look forward to more lessons from her in the future and couldn’t recommend her enough!