Women of action

By Carol Carpenter | April 28, 2017

So many times we discuss women helping women, yet it is just about that, mere talk with no action.  What many of us forget is that as an individual you can change the course of things, including what inspires and motivates you, whose life you can change and how you […]

September 10, 2016 CC Track Day

By Carol Carpenter | September 20, 2016

I’ve heard from many people that they think CC Track Events hosted by MotoVixens is only for women, let’s clarify, it’s for EVERYONE!  Gals and guys.  I think the confusion comes with the MotoVixens part, but I’m here to tell you it’s for anyone who wants to attend a boutique […]

Races at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway

By Carol Carpenter | September 20, 2016

I sat down to write about the September 10th track day, but after watching Caroline Olsen and Benny Solis race on Sunday, I felt compelled to write about my trip first.  Chuckwalla Valley Raceway is about 3.5 hours southeast from Santa Clarita, CA where I am presently residing, off the […]

Track Days

By Carol Carpenter | August 25, 2016

I went to support my friend Cory Osburn on his last day to receive his endorsement card for successfully completing and passing his 3 day course with WMST.  He had three great instructors, Chris, John and Ed, who welcomed me to stay and watch, cheer and proudly watch him pass […]

June 27-28 Event Report

By Carol Carpenter | July 5, 2016

What an incredible two days at The Ridge Motorsports Park in Shelton, WA with Jason Pridmore, Caroline Olsen, Benny Solis, Redspade (Anna Rigby), her hubby Steve and David Kolb (marketing/social media/transportation-jack of all trades).  We couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to come instruct and ride, than […]

Who is Caroline Olsen?

By Carol Carpenter | June 16, 2016

In our continuing and now final installment of “Getting to know” is Caroline Olsen. Let me start off with Caroline is so down to earth and bubbly you wouldn’t know she is this fierce and badass competitor in a sport dominated by testosterone. One thing that strikes me about the […]

Getting to know Jason Pridmore

By Carol Carpenter | May 31, 2016

In our continuing “get to know” series, I wanted to do a blog on JP.  I have never met JP face to face, but have spent many hours on the phone speaking to this amazing and kind man, which strikes me as surprising and refreshing since I’m around type-A men […]

Who is RedSpade?

By Carol Carpenter | May 11, 2016

With the upcoming event on June 27-28 I thought it would be fun to interview a few people who are special guests so you could get to know them more personally. For our first installment, RedSpade, aka Anna Rigby, will be our subject. Jason Pridmore, our guest speaker and coach […]

Investing in yourself

By Carol Carpenter | April 20, 2016

I wish someone had introduced me to motorcycles at this age, taken away all the mystery and fear associated with it and given me the ability to concentrate on strategy.  What a wonderful gift that would’ve been, but since this is real life and my parents were deathly afraid of […]

Gear = Safety

By Carol Carpenter | February 15, 2016

It’s February and spring is in the air, riders are starting to get that itch again and the antsy nature of the beast is starting to rear it head. While the chill isn’t completely out of the air, plenty of riders are starting to justify that eh 50 degress isn’t […]