Sunday July 22nd 2018 Track Only Day @ The Ridge


Track day at The Ridge Motorsports Park

Standard format, with only 30 riders per session.

3 session day (20 minute sessions) morning classroom, instructors will be available, please reserve online. 15% discount for second day, when purchased together. Click here to purchase a 2-day event ticket.

Group 1 (Advanced)
  • For experienced track riders.

Group 2 (Intermediate)
  • For more experienced riders who are comfortable at speed on the track.

Group 3 (Relaxed)
  • For riders who are new or have some track day experience.

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CC Track Events was created to fulfill a need for educating riders in an environment with limited riders. Track riding is intimidating, full stop. However, it is the safest place to learn how to ride… everyone is going the same direction, the pavement is monitored for debris, there aren’t animals, kids and cars to avoid and everyone has the same goal, to learn and improve their riding regardless of their skill level. Our goal is to provide great service, make sure everyone is having fun, being safe and getting the most out of their day. These events are truly special so come join us and see how much you can learn and improve.