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CC Track Events came about after years of instructing track and street riders. Carol Carpenter, Founder of MotoVixens, noticed that there was a great deal of information her students could benefit from to help them get a better understanding of how to become a more confident and controlled rider. Knowledge is the key to breaking through those barriers and fears. The idea came from attending the various track schools and the thought of asking some of those guest speakers/coaches to come to our track for a special event where others could learn from these individuals who had a wealth of knowledge to impart. It is costly to travel and attend these track schools, so we had a brilliant idea to put these events on here at a fraction of the cost, at a familiar track, on your own bike. We welcome riders of all levels as well as bikes of all makes and models, come spend the day learning, playing and having fun!

CC Track Events was created to fulfill a need for educating riders in an environment with limited riders and amazing guest speakers/coaches. Whether you choose to do our track only sessions (without instruction, but monitored by our instructors who are always ready to help) or the special sessions with our guest speakers, it will be unlike any other track day. We wanted to do this in a unique way, finding coaches and instructors that could facilitate this on the highest level and help students get more out of one or two days then they could possibly imagine. Track riding is intimidating, full stop. However, it is the safest place to learn how to ride… everyone is going the same direction, the pavement is monitored for debris, there aren’t animals, kids and cars to avoid and everyone has the same goal, to learn and improve their riding regardless of their skill level. If you’ve never been to the track before, we recommend our special session, it is the headstart to get you out to our track only sessions to practice, practice, practice. Our goal is to provide great service, make sure everyone is having fun, being safe and getting the most out of their day. These events are truly special so come join us and see how much you can learn and improve.





Founder of CC Track Events & MotoVixens, LLC

Carol Carpenter is an avid track and street rider, track and street instructor, WMRRA racer, actress, commercial print, voice over talent ( and stuntwoman (most recent, CHiPs). “My passion for motorcycles coupled with my desire to help others enjoy this amazing sport has lead me to where I am today. My mission is to arm riders with knowledge to empower and inspire them to share their passion to be confident lifelong riders.”



JP43 Training

Jason Pridmore is the 1997 AMA 750 Supersport Champion, 2002 AMA Formula Extreme Champion and the 2003 FIM World Endurance Champion.  He is also the only American to ever stand on the podium of a World Supersport race.  Upon JP’s retirement in 2006 he left with 21 AMA National wins including 17 Superstock class wins and countless podiums.  Jason teaches with an ease that feels like you are having a conversation with a good friend, his laid back style coupled with his experience disarms even the most intimated rider.



Lead Instructor

Troy learned to ride a dirt bike before ever riding a bicycle. He has been road racing with WMRRA since 2004, racing with BRC Ducati, Paulson’s Suzuki and HDFC racing. He has competed in 600 supersport/superbike, 750 supersport /superbike, 1000 supersport and formula ultra (1000 superbike) with podium finishes in all classes from 2008-2012. His race wins also include Ducati’s in twin classes, Formula Thunder (848) and Open GP Twins (1198) from 2008-2011. For the last 10 years he’s instructed for various local track day companies and racing schools, joining MotoVixens in 2013.