“The point of living is to do the remarkable with extraordinary people”

-Carol Carpenter

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Carol Carpenter | Founder, Motovixens - CC Track Events


  • Educate motorcyclists
  • Provide a safe environment for learning
  • Give back to our industry and community through sponsorships
  • Promote businesses within our sport as an ambassador
  • Grow our sport for the enjoyment of future generations to come

MotoVixens was founded in 2012 by Carol Carpenter as a website and resource for women riders. As a woman rider with unique challenges, seeking ways to overcome those limitations became important to completely enjoy riding on a regular basis. While developing relationships with dealerships, manufacturers and shops it became clear that others, not just women, would be in need of referrals to resources. We do not recommend lightly as our clientele is that of discriminating tastes, expecting quality and high ethical standards. We are riders, if we don’t use it then we won’t recommend it to you. You can be confident in knowing you benefit from our experiences with that company and product.

MotoVixens collaborated with Ducati Bellevue in 2013 to host track days with a dedicated session for women riders with great success. In 2014 MotoVixens began their own track days. Our goal was to hire elite coaches and bring them to the PNW to allow men, women and young riders the opportunity to learn from the best in the industry without having the added expense of traveling and renting equipment. In 2015 we partnered with Jason Pridmore of JP43 Training, renowned racer, world class riding coach and current announcer for MotoAmerica, offering classrooms which include his current MotoAmerica riders as coaches for the ultimate learning experience.

Giving back to our sport through sponsorship is important in our mission to grow and support our sport. Every client who attends our days or purchases product helps us support these riders in fulfilling their dreams as the profits from our track days directly fund these riders.



Motorcycling is a dangerous, challenging and rewarding sport that requires focus, concentration and skill. It is intimidating and that keeps people from entering this sport, however it is our desire to change their minds, through education and development of their skill and focus. Not only can they overcome their fears, they can join us in one of the most mentally, physically and emotionally challenging sports out there with an amazing community of people. Motorcycles give us life, experiencing it in the most visceral sense. Decisions made in fractions of seconds, heart pounding, body tingling in anticipation and then the sudden wash of peace when everything flows so perfectly and effortlessly, this is something only another motorcyclist can truly understand.

Thank you for trusting in us to introduce you into racing and we hope that you will continue towards your goals, paying it forward and being a positive influence for other new riders whether it be on the street or on the track. It is up to us, each and every one of us, to help our sport grow and thrive for many generations to come. Support those who support the sport, share your passion and let’s keep our sport alive!

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