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MotoVixens is a website that was created originally as a resource for women riders, a specific portion of the riding community where information seemed lacking for those who wanted to improve their skills, confidence and safety. Since it’s inception, it has become a website dedicated to riders who want to be a better rider, become a rider or simply are looking for information simple to understand and digest.

We are a company founded by Carol T. Carpenter, a sportbike and track enthusiast, who recognized that there is a demand for educating riders, more specifically but not limited to women. Our mission is to provide non-riders who want to be riders and current riders with the resources necessary in order to gain the knowledge they need to become safer motorcyclists, through instruction and special events. provides access to informative blogs/videos, a resource page, information on private instruction, a page for our upcoming events and the ability to contact us with any questions/comments they may have.

We look forward to offering special events and seminars at dealerships and tracks days where you will feel comfortable asking questions, learning more about your motorcycles, meeting other riders and developing new friendships. MotoVixens is and will continuously aim to be a resource for all riders, with the hope that with each person we reach, we empower with knowledge and the determination to be their best.

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